Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our feathered friends

Regular readers of these posts will know that I'm a bit of a keen 'bider' and that I'm rather proud of having attracted a whole variety of birds into our garden over the years. Well, this year we've really excelled ourselves.

For the last few weeks we have been mesmerised by the antics of many of our feathered friends. I've mentioned our Great Spotted Woodpecker here before but I have some great news to report  - we now have a small family of them! Yes, Mum, Dad and youngster! It's been fascinating watching the parents teaching the youngster how to take peanuts from the feeders and, after about three weeks, he's got the hang of it. They are in the garden every day for lengthy periods so I can only assume they've nested nearby. And other families have been popping in to feed as well. We counted seven jackdaws yesterday and we've got loads of blue tit and great tit chicks flitting around the garden.

I was worried that the torrential rain of the last month might have caused our garden birds some problems but it seems they've all survived and, indeed, prospered.

Photo not mine - sadly!
Courtesy of Google Images
And if  anyone has seen me recently walking around town staring up at the sky, it's been for a good reason. I've been looking to see if I can spot a Red Kite. Twitter has been buzzing with news of sightings over Stone during the last few weeks. I first saw a Red Kite in mid Wales in the mid 70's and in recent years in Buckinghamshire whenever I visit my son. And I know that they've been seen in Shropshire - so it wouldn't be impossible for them to have been seen in Staffordshire. The habitat around Stone would be ideal for them - wooded areas bounding onto farmland - so my fingers and toes are crossed that we may get some here soon. You'll know when you see one - their tails seem to twist the wrong way in flight and they tumble around in the sky. Let me know if you see one!

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